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French press - coarse grind

my kcup           - coarse grind

percolator       coarse grind

pour over       - medium coarse grind

drip                  - medium or medium fine

espresso        - fine

grind just before use for best flavor

For Specialty Grinds just send us a note with your order . Otherwise it will be ground for drip Coffee.

brewed coffee, coffee brewing, coffee

How to brew

We suggest storing coffee in an airtight container in a cool dark place.

how to store your coffee beans

drip coffee         1- 2 tablespoons per 6 oz cup

French press     4.5 tablespoons for a 4 cup

percolator         2 teaspoons per 6oz cup

pour over            1 tablespoon per 6oz cup

we suggest always using filtered water


Cold brew

 If you don't have a cold brew machine, we suggest brewing in a French press.

 Use 2/3 a cup of coarse ground coffee per 3 cups of filtered water. Stir to make sure the grinds mix with the water and refrigerate for 16-24 hours. Remove,  press plunger and serve.

  We do not recommend brewing more than 24 hours as it may impart undesirable flavors.

To brew Bourbon Aged Cold Brew: use 1/3 cup bourbon aged coarse grounds and 1/3 cup cold brew grounds per 3 cups of filtered water.


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